Tuesday, July 11, 2017


It's now been approx. 1 month since Ben was tragically taken from us.  I've had a lot of lonely hours to contemplate his untimely death.  I wish I could say that I'm ok with him being gone, but there will always be a Ben shaped hole in my heart, just like there is a Bandit shaped hole as well.  I'm not sure you ever completely get over losing a dog, we had to put Bandit down over 5 years ago.  I think what Bandit became and what Ben will become as well is a smile I can't tell anyone about and a tear that no one will completely understand.  I shared some very special moments with my two mutts (Ironically neither were mutts, both were pure breed).  The thing I think some will understand and some won't is that they are both very much alive, they are alive in my mind, where all my memories lay, so even though I won't get to enjoy their presence anymore, I get to enjoy every memory with them.

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